District 7 (along with otheimagesr districts within HPD) is experiencing the start of a series involving theft from elderly victims.  The mode of operation is that a female suspect(s), claiming to be pregnant, would approach a residence and use deception (ask to either use the phone or the bathroom) to gain entry into the dwelling.  Upon being invited into the residence the female suspect would covertly remove valuable items (purses/jewelry) from the residence.

Within District 7 there have been 2 cases documented involving the above mode of operation.  For both cases the female suspects had a similar description and both claimed to be pregnant.

The female suspect(s) are described as: Local/Polynesian / 40-50 years old / 5’3”-5’5” / 130-150 lbs. / Black Hair (Shoulder Length).

Please be cautious when answering the door and DO NOT invite a stranger into your home.  If someone approaches your residence, keep your door locked and talk to them thought the closed door.  If there is any suspicious activity observed please call 911 so that an officer can be dispatched to your location.

The suspect(s) conducting these crimes, are not new to the criminal scene, they have been through the Judicial system quite a bit.  HPD is aware of these individuals, and they know we are on the look out for them as well.  Other things to notice, is a possible “get away vehicle” near by.  If you encounter this type of situation, take notice of your surroundings and any other individuals close by with this unknown female.

We do NOT want you to feel threatened in any way regarding these individuals.  Just be your normal selves, and continue to safeguard YOUR neighborhoods the way you all have already been doing so.  Call 911 should any of you observe suspicious activity, person(s), vehicles roaming YOUR neighborhoods.

MAHALO for your continued support and dedication in keeping YOUR neighborhoods SAFE!!!!





MARINE CORPS BASE HAWAII, Kaneohe Bay – Residents on Oahu should anticipate an increase in military aircraft and ground operations due to multiple training events occurring in February 2016 at all Marine Corps Base (MCB) Hawaii locations, which include the base at Kaneohe Bay and Marine Corps Training Area Bellows (MCTAB).
Oahu residents may see and hear increased aircraft activity surrounding the base during the hours listed below. F/A-18 Hornet aircraft will be temporarily based at MCB Hawaii for approximately 30 days starting mid-February; these aircraft will follow normal airfield hours. Additionally, there will be periods of 24-hour airfield operations  February 15-19th, and maintenance may occur overnight to ensure the safe operation of all aircraft.
Modified hours –
Sat 13 Feb. 2030-2100 Airfield open for aircraft homecoming
Sat 20 Feb 1030-2200 Exercise support (Including F/A-18)
Sun 21 Feb 1230-2359 Exercise Support (Including F/A-18)
Sat 27 Feb 1000-1900 Exercise support (Including F/A-18)
Wed 02 Mar. 0700-0100 Airfield open late for incoming aircraft
Note: Airfield hours may change without notice due to operational commitments. Aircraft maintenance will occur 24 hours a day as required to maintain aircraft safety.
Bellows Beach Park located at MCTAB will be closed due to amphibious operations from Feb. 19 to 22, and is expected to reopen at noon on Feb. 26. The City and County of Honolulu’s notification is available here:https://camping.honolulu.gov/
Marine Corps Base Hawaii sincerely appreciates the community’s support and understanding as service member strain to defend this great nation and prepare for overseas contingencies. The exercises and real-world military operations sometimes generate an increase in aircraft and weapon noise. Community members can report noise concerns through our website : click here or call us at 808-257-8832. The Noise Concern phone number is monitored Monday through Friday, between 8 a.m.and 4 p.m. daily.

Sewage spills – Alert to public

The public is advised Monday to stay out of the waters in Nuupia Pond in Kailua.

The Dept. of Health Clean Water Branch was notified of a wastewater discharge from a manhole on the premises of the Kailua Wastewater Treatment Plant. Volume estimates are unavailable at this time.

The discharge has been stopped and signs are posted. The public is advised to remain out of these waters until the signs have been removed.

Since Monday morning, the wastewater treatment plant at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam has so far discharged approximately 100,000 gallons of fully treated and disinfected secondary effluent, caused by higher than normal amounts of rain water due to storm and flooding conditions throughout Oahu. The water passed through the secondary treatment process which caused clogging of the sand filtration polishing system. The sand filtration is one of the final advanced processes after full secondary treatment just prior to ultraviolet disinfection.

The bypass is continuing due to current weather conditions. It is unknown at this time when it will be concluded.