URGENT Message re: Kailua Bay

This is an urgent update from the Kmaxresdefaultailua Neighborhood Board about a Legislative Bill for a “slow-no-wake” zone for motorized boats in Kailua Bay.

The contents of our original bill HB803 was transferred to HB117. So now we must direct our support to HB117.  HB117 has been scheduled for a hearing this Tuesday, February 14. This is a low profile bill so we need to show that there is extensive support for it by attending the hearing, or submitting testimony. Testimony should include reference to such things as the very numerous recreational activities that occur in Kailua Bay, the congestion in the water, and the accidental death and injury that has already occurred, etc.

Sending in testimony is very simple. Go to www.capitol.hawaii.gov click on “submit testimony.” Sign in or sign up and go to “submit testimony” for HB117.

I think this bill has a good chance of passing, and we need it to provide the necessary safety in Kailua Bay for our residents and visitors. Please take the time to testify, and let me know if you have any questions. Feel free to forward this email.


Illegal Vacation Rentals

Vacation_Rentals_In_Hawaii_ImageIn response to increased illegal vacation rentals in residential neighborhoods and to help ensure that that county zoning laws are upheld Gov Ige signed ACT 204 into law January 2016. ACT 204 gives the power and responsibility to collect the TAT & GET on short-term rentals with full transparency and privacy to the State tax department.

HB 1850, waiting Governor Ige’s approval or VETO, allows corporations like Airbnb and Vacation Rental By Owner (VRBO), who have no responsibility for transparency, to collect taxes on short-term vacation rentals irregardless of county zoning or if they are legal or illegal.

HB 1850 allows short-term vacation rental owners to hide under a corporate on-line curtain making it easier to break the law.

Please contact Governor Ige and ask him to VETO HB 1850.


Click here. Tell Gov. Ige you oppose HB1850

In his 2015 State Address Governor Ige said: We’re building a home for our kupuna, ourselves and our children. He also said he would modernize the state’s tax collection system to make it more efficient and reduce cheating. Let us remind him of his words.


Reminder: Attend Meeting TODAY in support of Neighborhood Board System

A message from Chuck Prentiss of the Kailua Neighborhood Board  Chuck-Prentiss

I am urging people islandwide to attend the City Charter Commission meeting on Thursday (TODAY) to testify  or give support in opposition to the Charter Commission proposal the abolish the NB’s. It is on their agenda starting at 3:30 pm Thursday  (TODAY) at the City Council committee room on the second floor of Honolulu Hale. Hope to see you there. You do not need to sign up to speak. Free parking at the city parking structure public spaces after 3:30 pm. Don’t park on the street (tow-away).

Mahalo, Chuck (Kailua Neighborhood Board)


The Windward Coalition is grateful to our NB’s in Kailua and Kaneohe for their support with our initiatives (i.e.sewer plant odors, noise, air and water pollution, crime, development and environmental issues) .

The neighborhood board system examines the issues and publicly holds our elected officials accountable.  Additionally, the loss of this democratic system would benefit those desiring changes that may impact our communities to proceed without public scrutiny.  Please attend this meeting in support of the neighborhood board system.



District 7 (along with otheimagesr districts within HPD) is experiencing the start of a series involving theft from elderly victims.  The mode of operation is that a female suspect(s), claiming to be pregnant, would approach a residence and use deception (ask to either use the phone or the bathroom) to gain entry into the dwelling.  Upon being invited into the residence the female suspect would covertly remove valuable items (purses/jewelry) from the residence.

Within District 7 there have been 2 cases documented involving the above mode of operation.  For both cases the female suspects had a similar description and both claimed to be pregnant.

The female suspect(s) are described as: Local/Polynesian / 40-50 years old / 5’3”-5’5” / 130-150 lbs. / Black Hair (Shoulder Length).

Please be cautious when answering the door and DO NOT invite a stranger into your home.  If someone approaches your residence, keep your door locked and talk to them thought the closed door.  If there is any suspicious activity observed please call 911 so that an officer can be dispatched to your location.

The suspect(s) conducting these crimes, are not new to the criminal scene, they have been through the Judicial system quite a bit.  HPD is aware of these individuals, and they know we are on the look out for them as well.  Other things to notice, is a possible “get away vehicle” near by.  If you encounter this type of situation, take notice of your surroundings and any other individuals close by with this unknown female.

We do NOT want you to feel threatened in any way regarding these individuals.  Just be your normal selves, and continue to safeguard YOUR neighborhoods the way you all have already been doing so.  Call 911 should any of you observe suspicious activity, person(s), vehicles roaming YOUR neighborhoods.

MAHALO for your continued support and dedication in keeping YOUR neighborhoods SAFE!!!!